From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Ex-post Evaluation Program: Development of Trade and Investment Promotion

The project overall objective is to improve the flow of foreign trade and investments between Bolivian and European companies as mechanisms that promote sustainable economic development, employment growth, sustained growth of the Bolivian business base, and contribute to the fight against poverty.

The project also aims to:

  • Strengthen public sector institutions and private technical and administrative management of activities related to foreign trade and investments, particularly in relation to commercial transactions with the European Union;
  • Increase technical knowledge and information of businesses in foreign trade, particularly in relation to commercial transactions with the EU;
  • Strengthen the Bolivian System of standardization, metrology, accreditation and certification;
  • Strengthen advanced university training in Bolivia in management and total quality control;
  • Disseminate practices of standardization, management, quality control and certification in the business sector in Bolivia;
  • Strengthen inter-relationships between the entities active and interested in standardization, management, and control and quality certification in Bolivia: the SNMAC, the UPSA-Quality Center, and the business sector in Bolivia;
  • Provide Trade-Related Technical Assistance to support Bolivia's participation in multilateral trade negotiations under the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and use the results of trade liberalization resulting from these negotiations.




Trade and Private Sector

Duration of assignment

February 2010 / March 2010


European Commission

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European Commission

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