From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Sustainable Business Platform for Africa in Uganda

The project aims to establish the Uganda EU Private-Public Dialogue Platform to carry on the momentum of the private public dialogue, which was created during the Promoting EU and Uganda Private Sector Investments programme. The platform will be tasked with engaging Uganda and EU private and public entities (on an ongoing and sustainable basis) in a policy dialogue for the improvement of the investment climate and business environment and exploring possibilities of new public-private initiatives. The ongoing work of the platform will include the strengthening of Uganda and EU investment collaborations by initiating trade and investment promotion events.

In addition to the establishment and running of the platform, this assignment aims to ensure (via the platform) the monitoring, implementation and further elaboration of a series of Roadmap responses under three areas: Skills and attitude, Governance and Corruption and Access to Finance.




Trade and Private Sector

Duration of assignment

October 2019 / May 2020


Delegation of the European Union to Uganda

Funded by

European Commission - EC (11th EDF)

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