From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Technical Assistance to the Coordination of the Cooperation Programme PALOP-TL and European Union

The overarching goal is to enhance regional integration among PALOP and East Timor through the strengthening of cooperation and promoting knowledge exchanges. The current EU - PALOP-TL relationship follows the Multiannual Indicative Programme for the period 2014-2020 (11th EDF), and it is coordinated by the National Authorising Officer in Mozambique. The Programme has as priority sectors:

   1) Employment Creation

  •       Promote Employment through mobility and inclusion (training, vocational training, exchange of good practices, research and innovation, institutional capacity building, simplification of judicial systems).
  •       Promote Employment through activities aiming income growth in the culture sector.

   2) Institutional Governance Capacity Building

The specific goal is to contribute for the effective implementation of the EU- PALOP-TL cooperation, supporting the National Authorising Officer through five crucial assignments based on an Integrated Management System of the Regional Authorising Officer’ Services:

 1. Identification of Macro-Processes, which incorporates: Management Processes: Identification and planning, setting goals, communication and visibility; Supporting Processes: control of documentation and records, human resources; Operational Processes: Programming, Identification, Formulation, Implementation and Monitoring, Evaluation and External audit; Enhancement Processes;

 2. Establishment of an Integrated Management System;

 3. Design of a Practical Guide;


Cape Verde
Sao Tome and Principe
East Timor


Partnerships and Financing for Development

Duration of assignment

November 2015 / May 2019


Office of the National Authorising Officer for Mozambique-EU Cooperation

Funded by

European Commission

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