From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Technical Assistance to the National Authorising Officer of the European Development Fund - Development of Institutional Capacities in the Framework of Modernising the Civil Service

The project seeks to support institutional reforms in the planning sector, in the context of modernisation and decentralization of public administration, as well as to contribute to a better use of the external resources provided by the EDF, in accordance with the development strategy for Angola.

The projects provides support to the services of the EDF National Authorising Officer (ON), in order to strengthen their skills in all phases of the project cycle, as part of the methodology adopted by the European Commission.

To this purpose, the technical assistance worked at different levels:

  • Global coordination of cooperation, in terms of dialogue with partners, institutional relationships and technical collaboration;
  • Definition of roles and responsibilities of the ON services and beneficiaries for the management of programmes and projects, under the Cotonou Agreement;
  • Development of a system comprising a methodology, tools and programming skills, education and implementation of programmes and projects;
  • Support to the ON services on administrative and financial management of the project cycle, in accordance with the EDF procedures;
  • Support to the ON services on operationalising the EU-Angola Joint Way Forward.




Partnerships and Financing for Development

Duration of assignment

March 2012 / September 2017


National Authorizing Officer of the European Development Fund (EDF) in Angola
Ministry of Planning and Territorial Development

Funded by

EDF (European Development Fund)

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