From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Road Sector Institutional Support Programme

The overall objective of this project was to contribute to the strengthening of capacities of the transport infrastructure administration in Guinea-Bissau, with regard to the elaboration of strategic guidelines, the design and execution of the Master Plan for the Road Transport System, in the following components:

• Network of physical infrastructure;
• Institutional, administrative and regulatory framework;
• Financial programming for the missing axes, the improvement and sustainable operation of the existing axes.

Specifically, the project aimed to:

• Define political strategies and operational solutions for the implementation of management structures, in order to maintain the privatisation of the road sector;
• Provide technical assistance to the management of sectoral development projects financed by national funds, in order to facilitate their implementation and improve the effectiveness of their impact;
• Support the strategic development, the implementation of technical tools, the administrative and accounting organisation, the evaluation and review of pre-projects, the evaluation and strengthening of laboratory technology, etc.




Transport, Environment and Energy

Duration of assignment

January 2001 / January 2003


General Directorate of Roads and Bridges / Ministry of Public Works, Construction and Urban Planning

Funded by

European Commission

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