From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Technical Assistance to the National Electoral Commission of Guinea-Bissau for the 2008 Legislative Elections

The overall objective is to contribute for the consolidation of democracy and stabilization of political situation in Guinea-Bissau through the Community contribution to the election campaign.

The technical assistance aims to support the preparation and holding of legislative elections in Guinea-Bissau, in addition to the support provided by the programme funded by the European Commission on behalf of the National Elections Commission (NEC), to enable the proper implementation and sustainability of the organisation of the electoral process.

It is also expected to contribute to support this mission in a sustainable way to achieve this and future elections, not only by contributing to training of some national counterparts, but also by:

  • Identification of logistical resources available to the NEC and guidelines for their collection and preservation for future use;
  • Training of journalists in electoral matters;
  • Support for the media coverage of elections;
  • Identification of various problems that create difficulties for the proper conduct of this and future elections;
  • Support to the National Authorising Officer of the EDF and the European Commission and following consultation of the electoral process with the national administration, the donor community and the possible election observation missions;
  • Formulation of proposals for revision of some points of the Electoral Act and several recommendations for the next elections take place in democracy and normality with greater efficiency and economy of means available.




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Duration of assignment

September 2008 / December 2008


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European Commission

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