From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Final Evaluation of the Support to China's Integration into the World Trading System - World Trade Organisation

The overall objective of the European Union-China Trade Project (EUCTP) was to support the further integration of China into the world economy, to assist the Chinese government in implementing its obligations under, and commitments in, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and to increase China's capacity in the process of wider economic, regulatory, legal and administrative reform necessary for further trade liberalisation in order to promote economic development.

The project also aimed to:

  • Support the development and adjustment of the legal and regulatory framework related to the implementation of WTO rules and obligations and specific commitments by China;
  • Support the development of more transparent administrative and regulatory practices in China in accordance with WTO rules and commitments on the basis of EU experience;
  • Support the capacity of China to participate in the WTO, namely in ongoing negotiations;
  • Strengthen administrative structures and build capacities in order both to facilitate compliance with WTO requirements and to benefit China's overall economic reform process;
  • Support the strengthening of China's institutional and organisational capacity to prepare and to enact suitable trade legislation and implementation measures;
  • Support the development of specialized knowledge of, and capacity development in international integration issues in the country;
  • Transfer know-how from the EU in international integration issues notably by supporting existing and future EU-China sectoral regulatory and technical dialogues;
  • Generally, to provide China with a competent institutional and instrumental endowment of skills and resources to address the above concerns through capacity building, policy and technical advice.




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June 2010 / August 2010


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