From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Public Sector Reform and Capacity Building - Survey of Training Needs in the Municipalities and Design of Training Programmes

The Technical Assistance identified the training needs of municipalities and proposed efficient methods for carrying out those training actions.

Specifically, it carried out the following tasks:

  • Needs assessment for Training in the Town Council;
  • Data collection and analysis of the training experiences already performed at the level of the Town Councils;
  • Analysis of the current and future attributions and competences for the Town Councils and the level of qualifications of the town council employees;
  • Presentation and discussion of the proposals and the criteria for the design and elaboration of the necessary training programmes with the representatives of the local training centres;
  • Estimation of the associated costs to training;
  • Elaboration of Training Programs;
  • Establishment of an evaluation system to the programme itself.


Cape Verde


Public Sector and Governance

Duration of assignment

September 1995 / January 1996


Ministry of Economic Coordination

Funded by

International Development Agency
World Bank

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