From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Technical Assistance for the implementation of Reform Measures

In the scope of the “Reinforcement of Institutional and Administrative Capacity - Support to the National Programme for Decentralisation and Reform of the Public Administration of the Slovak Republic” programme, the project consisted in the design and delivery of 3 specifically targeted short-term training programmes addressed to meeting the needs of:

  • Managers of the process of decentralisation at central and local state administration levels, as well as by the side of the sub-national self-governments;
  • Elected members of the new self-governed regional administrations;
  • Managers responsible for human resources management and development (training) in Ministries and other Central State Administration bodies, State Regional Offices and offices of the specialised local State administration, Offices of self-governing regions, and city offices of the regions capitals.




Public Sector and Governance

Duration of assignment

January 2002 / June 2002


Ministry of Interior and Office of State Service
European Commission

Funded by

EC/PHARE (European Comission)

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