From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Low Carbon and Circular Economy Business action in Canada

Low Carbon Business Action and Circular Economy is a doing business platform to accelerate the presence of European SMEs and small-mid caps on low carbon and circular economy related technologies in Canada.

The Programme aims to promote the Paris Agreement on Climate Change goals, using a business opportunity driven approach.

This Project has a three-track approach to accelerate the matchmaking and closure of business deals between Canadian Buyers and EU SME Suppliers:

  • Sector mapping and pre-screening – of business landscape targeting GHG emissions sectors in Canada, and mapping the business opportunities between potential “Canadian Buyers” of EU green technologies.
  • Matchmaking – through a Challenge Pitch, designed to showcase several technology and business options from EU SME providers to Canadian demand companies. The shortlist of best-suited EU SMEs rests with the local Canadian Buyer, in line with a demand-side approach.
  • Finalised JBCs – with provision of technical assistance to commercially viable and bankable proposals resulting in finalised Joint Business Concepts (JBCs) between EU SMEs and Canadian Buyers.

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Transport, Environment and Energy

Duration of assignment

September 2020 / September 2023


European Union Delegation

Funded by

European Commission

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