From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Continuation of the Assistance to the National Institute of Magistrates (NIM) and the Training Centre for Court Clerks (TCC)

The project aims the institutional strengthening and capacity building with regard to the institutional structure, functioning, support to human resources (education, staff training and training for trainers) and infrastructure development (e.g. equipment, information and communication technologies).

A sustainable development of the training curricula for the NIM and the TCC was sought, particularly with regard to: European Union legislation, acquis communautaire transfer, new areas of crime and Human Rights, case management, skills in information and communication technologies, etc. Several courses and an annual conference were organised addressing specific topics on legislative approximation, with the participation of local and EU magistrates, public administration experts, academics, lawyers, police officers, etc. Finally, the project organised bi-monthly meetings between the Ministry of Justice, the Project Management Unit and financing donors.




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