From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Technical Assistance to the Project “Support to Sectoral Dialogues Brazil-European Union” - Phase II

The project contributed to the progress and deepening of the EU-Brazil Strategic Partnership and bilateral relations between the parties by supporting the development of sectoral dialogues on issues of mutual interest.

More specifically, the intervention included the provision of high-quality technical assistance and logistics services to the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management (MP) of Brazil and all partners involved in the sectoral dialogues. In addition to the operational management, the technical assistance focused on the implementation of more than 125 relevant actions, within 18 dialogues on topics such as science and technology, human rights, the environmental dimension of sustainable development, social development and employment, regional integration policies, industrial and regulatory issues, or energy policy.

These actions involved more than 20 Brazilian institutional partners (ministries and government agencies) and their EU counterparts. Experts were mobilised to carry out studies, give lectures and provide technical assistance, as well as logistical support in organising seminars, publication, site visits and exchanges with the European Union.




Partnerships and Financing for Development

Duration of assignment

February 2011 / May 2015


Delegation of the European Union to Brazil

Funded by

European Commission / DCI (Development Cooperation Instrument)

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