From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Mapping and Functional Analysis of the Ministry of Planning and Finance

The project aimed to contribute to the process of Public Sector Reform by:

  • Improving the delivery of public services as a result of the increased capacity of decentralized institutions, increase citizen participation and adjustment of functions and structures of the Central Government;
  • Increasing the capacity of the Government, for the formulation and monitoring of public policies;
  • Improving Public Sector Performance through better management of human resources, improvement of working conditions and training, leading to motivated staff;
  • Managing the public funds in a more effective, efficient, sustainable and transparent way, which is accountable and responsive to political priorities;
  • Strengthening the capacity to fight corruption, in particular, through the judiciary and Parliament;
  • Promoting an effective leadership and a management reform at both central and provincial levels, with the active participation of citizens and other stakeholders.

To attained these, the project focused on:

  • Reviewing the role and functions of the Ministry of Plan and Finances (MPF) and its subordinated agencies in a way that they can strongly answer to the political priorities and establish an updated definition of the role of the Government;
  • Creating efficiency gains in staff allocation, use of resources, decision taking and information systems;
  • Improving the provision of services and the policy design;
  • Ensuring that functions and activities are operated at the adequate level of Government;
  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Improving the resources management system.




Public Sector and Governance

Duration of assignment

October 2003 / October 2004


Ministry of Planning and Finance

Funded by

World Bank

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