From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Agro-Livestock Development Programme for the Camabatela's Plateau

The project promoted a development strategy for the region of the Camabatela plateau, through the concentration of skills and knowledge, the creation of functional business groups and of an informal network between those groups.

To that purpose,the Technical Assistance (TA) evaluated the agricultural, environmental, legal, technical, socioeconomic an structural constraints, as well as the potential and opportunities in the region; the TA made proposals to reduce production costs, increase the added value of agricultural production and decentralise development support efforts; raised awareness on the strategic importance of the agro-livestock sector; it supported the creation of an enabling environment for the growth and development of the PAIC in a market perspective. Finally, the TA selected crops and production systems that are better adapted to the region´s soil, climate constraints and structured and developed investement models.




Rural Development

Duration of assignment

April 2008 / September 2009


Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

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Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

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