From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Technical Assistance to the National Treasury Directorate (DNT)

The technical assistance supported the DNT’s restructuring process within the reform of public finance, namely in matters of State treasury management, control of revenue collection and payment of expenses, centralisation of the budget execution data, preparation of public finance statistics and financial programming.

The intervention aimed to achieve a more efficient management of the State financial resources, particularly surpluses and available cash resources (from integrated State services or from autonomous institutions). It included the design and implementation of an information system for modern treasury management (articulated with the Plan, Budget, Public Accounting and the Bank of Mozambique, and feeding adequately into the National Accounts System), the reinforcement of the forward cash management and the recourse to public debt, the simplification and standardisation of collection procedures, and a more efficient management of external debt.




Macro Economy, Statistics & Public Finance Management

Duration of assignment

August 1999 / December 2002


Ministry of Finance and Planning - National Treausury Directorate

Funded by

EDF (European Development Fund)

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