From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Technical Assistance to the Creation of a Professional Body of Accountancy and Auditors in Mozambique

The Technical Assistance aimed to create a professional body of accountants and auditors, with the following functions:

  • Coordinate and provide advice on the Accounting courses offered by local universities;
  • Obtain recognition for the various services provided by accountants and professional auditors;
  • Ensure that the accountant profession in Mozambique is developed according to international standards;
  • Promote and protect the well-being and interests of both the organisation and the professionals involved;
  • Maintain the professional Independence of accountants in all circumstances and in all capacities;
  • Foster the practice of accounting and audit in all aspects;
  • Develop a code of conduct.




Macro Economy, Statistics & Public Finance Management

Duration of assignment

January 2006 / March 2007


Ministry of Finance
Technical Unit for Public Sector Reform (UTRESP)

Funded by

WB (World Bank)

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