From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Implementation of a Regional Fisheries Strategy

CESO provides Technical Assistance to the Management Unit of Smartfish II (based in Mauritius) to implement the directives to the mentioned operational program intended to reach the following results:

  • Achieve replenishment of stocks of certain species of fish and contribute to the operationalization of management protocols for cross-border fishing activity in the regions concerned;
  • Ensure fisheries governance at national and regional levels in selected beneficiary countries;
  • Deepening support for selective fisheries governance, for which self-sustaining and cost-effective Monitoring, Control and Security projects have been designed and implemented through an approach based on participatory public-private management and / or community-based management;
  • Ensure the improvement of export value chains of fish species;
  • In order to add value and contribute to market development, provide for the minimization of post-catch losses in artisanal and commercial fisheries through better storage and better handling.




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Duration of assignment

December 2016 / June 2018


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European Commission

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