From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Technical Assistance to the Elaboration of the Health Sector Attraction and Retention Strategy

The project aimed at defining the National Human Resources Attraction and Retention Strategy for the short-, medium- and long-term staff of the Health National System (HNS). The Strategy aimed at reducing the number of qualified health profissionals leaving the public health service by improving the motivation and job satisfaction. The availability of well trained and motivated health workers is an essential condition to achieve health-related development objectives, in particular within the framework of primary and maternal care.

The elaboration of the strategy took into consideration the technical implementation capacity, legal and administrative environment, sustainability, and factors external to the intervention capacity of the Ministry of Health.




Social Affairs

Duration of assignment

April 2012 / May 2013


Delegation of the European Union to Mozambique

Funded by

EDF (European Development Fund)

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