From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Technical Assistance to the National Programme of Rural Extension (PRONEA)

The PRONEA aimed to raise incomes and food security of small farmers’ households, including those managed by women and disadvantaged groups, through a continuous improvement of production effectiveness.

The Coordinator of District Consultation to Farmers (DFCC) was a prominent agent, not only in aspects of social development and human resources, but also for defining priorities, justifying and approving key technical activities in the community, mobilising and organising producers.

The Coordinator was responsible for the design and implementation of the focus on poverty and gender inclusion, as well as the support strategy and the tacties to mobilise and organize producers.

The Advisor to the Agricultural Planning System (APSA) supported the planning unit of the National Directorate for Agricultural Extension (DNEA) by advising on all aspects of the participatory planning system of the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG), having worked on improving the demand-based planning system and harmonising of planning procedures and guidelines between the district, provincial and national levels.




Rural Development

Duration of assignment

August 2011 / December 2013


Ministry of Agriculture

Funded by

IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development)

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