From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Final Evaluation of the Agriculture Productivity Improvement Programme

The Agriculture Productivity Improvement Programme (PAPA) focuses on three main intervention axes:

  • Support to the Development of the Dairy Industry (ADFL)

  • Support to Diversification of Production in Cotton Growing Zones (ADZC)

  • Production of Improved Planting Material in Support of the re-launch of Cocoa and Coffee Sectors (RFCC)

This Final Evaluation provided a systematic and objective appreciation of the programme’s conception, implementation, and results by measuring the relevance and implementation progreess of the specific objectives, as well as the efficiency, efficacy, impact and sustainability of the Programme as a whole, allowing for the integration of the lessons learnt within the decision-making process of the beneficiary and of the EU Delegation.




Rural Development

Duration of assignment

October 2017 / November 2017


European Commission

Funded by

European Commission
EDF (European Development Fund)

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