From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Assistance in Employment and Labour Market Policies and Interventions of the ESF - Experts in Labour Market 2000

The assistance involved technical support in bilateral meetings between the European Commission and Portuguese authorities for the discussion of the draft version of the Operational Programme for Employment, Training and Social Development (POEFDS) and the draft version of the Regional Development Plan 2000-2006, the analyses of the evaluation indicators system for the POEFDS, the analysis of the Report and the National Programme for Employment 2000, and advice on the Portuguese proposal for the Operational Programme EQUAL. We also collected and updated information on the labour market in the EU and in Portugal, both in statistical terms and in terms of policy measures announced in the EU and in Portugal.




Social Affairs

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March 2000 / December 2000


ESF (European Structural Funds)

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ESF (European Structural Funds)

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