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From Experience to Intelligence

EU - Brazil Sector Dialogues Support Facility - Phase IV

This technical assistance is set in the context of the Fourth Phase of the Initiative to Support the European Union (EU)-Brazil Sectoral Dialogues for the period 2017-2019, aiming to contribute to the advancement and deepening of the EU-Brazil Strategic Partnership and bilateral relations, by supporting the development of sectoral dialogues on issues of mutual interest.

The EU-Brazil Sector Dialogues Support Facility (SDSF) was established in 2008 as a tool to support the implementation of the EU-Brazil Strategic Partnership, in recognition of both sides’ political and economic importance and agreeing “to reinforce the political dialogue at the highest political level.

Know more about this project in this video (portuguese version).

The Strategic Partnership foresees the implementation of sector dialogues on the basis of multiannual, results oriented, forward looking and operational Joint Action Plans (JAP), which provide the guidelines for the sector dialogues that take place between the two parts, both at the political and technical level, in several domains.




Partnerships and Financing for Development

Duration of assignment

January 2017 / January 2020


Delegation of the European Union to Brazil

Funded by

EC (European Commission)

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