From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Promotion of the Rule of Law and Civic Education in Malawi, Final evaluation

The main objective of the assignment is to evaluate how far the purpose and expected results of the "Promotion of the Rule of Law and Civic Education in Malawi" project, as expressed in the Financing Agreement, have been achieved. Contrary to the Mid-term review exercise, this evaluation will assess both components of the project, i.e. the Rule of Law (RoL) component as well as the Civic Education (NICE) component. Special focus will be on effectiveness, impact and sustainability while the experts will also be required to provide an opinion on relevance and efficiency of the project.

The final evaluation aims at assessing the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of the "Promotion of Rule of Law and Civic Education in Malawi" project in line with “Project Cycle Management Criteria” and “Evaluation in the European Commission”. Further the evaluation aims at documenting lessons learnt from the implementation process of the project to improve future interventions and for use by the EU, GoM and other partners in future and ongoing similar programmes.




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February 2011 / June 2011


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