From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Sustainable Blue Economy Initiative in Mozambique
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Team of Experts




Profile Required


All experts will have an advanced university degree (minimum of a Master’s degree or equivalent degree) in blue economy related disciplines:

  • Natural /marine resources economics;
  • ocean sciences; climate change and environmental related studies;
  • legal and public policy studies; political science; business or public administration.
  • At least two experts will have an advanced degree in a natural resources and /or ocean/marine sciences related discipline.
  • A first-level university degree in combination with five additional years of qualifying experience may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree.
  • A PhD degree within the team in relevant disciplines would be an added advantage.

Professional Experience (Team)

  • 12 years in policy development and cooperation programmes.

Within the team there should be adequate and proved experience in all the following areas:

  • Policy and legal frameworks reform;
  • Strategic development and planning;
  • Programme formulation and implementation;
  • Institutional support of public institutions;
  • Non-State actors, and regional institutions;
  • Design and facilitation of institutional coordination mechanisms;
  • Finance, financial structure development, and support to Private Sector;
  • Facilitation of workshops and consultations.
  • All experts will have the ability to build strong relationships with stakeholders, to focus on impact and results, to respond positively to critical feedback, and a consensus-oriented approach to work.
  • More than 10 years in the promotion of sustainable and inclusive blue economy growth in developing countries, preferably in Sub-Saharan Africa or/and the WIO sub-region.

One member of the team will have at least 8 years specific expertise:

  • In marine and ocean governance and institutional development, including:
  • Marine and ocean governance policy and practice Ocean and marine resources research and data management, including innovative technologies.
  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM).

In sustainable fisheries, including:

  • Artisanal /small scale fisheries, aquaculture and mariculture development.
  • Fisheries sustainable management Fisheries Monitoring Control and Surveillance.
  • Aquatic products value chains, blue food systems, market development, and quality infrastructure.

In marine and oceans conservation and resilience, including:

  • Coastal marine ecology, marine research, coastal/marine conservation.
  • Marine Protected Areas design and management.
  • Nature-based Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation / Disaster Risk Resilience / Blue Carbon offset.
  • Within the team there should be excellent knowledge and experience in the following areas: Design and implementation of Financial products directed to the Blue / Green transition.
  • Support to Micro and SMEs in developing countries’ context.
  • With financial institutions facilities, knowledge of EU objectives on private sector and facilities EFSD+ will be an advantage.
  • Green infrastructure’s development related to coastal/marine smart infrastructures, green technology and Innovation, waste management, sustainable coastal tourism.
  • Livelihoods vulnerability and resilience assessments and strategies.
  • Gender in blue economy contexts -Identification and formulation of EU/INTPA programming cycles.
  • Other areas including nutrition, digitalisation, technical and vocational training, in a blue economy context will be an advantage.
  • The team leader must have senior experience leading complex multi-stakeholder programme formulations.
  • All experts will be fluent in English with strong ability to write and edit documents in English. Although mastering Portuguese is not a requirement for all experts, the team as a whole needs to have the capacity to communicate and work in Portuguese.


  • If you meet the profile send us your CV to stating the project reference REQUEST SIEA-2018-1304 and the position you are applying for.







Duration of assignment

60/65 w.d