From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence


Water Utilities Management Specialist


Republic of Angola



•    Degree in Civil/Hydraulic/Sanitary Engineering, or other related disciplines of similar advanced degree;
•    Master’s degree in civil/Hydraulic/Sanitary Engineering, Business/Public Administration Institutional Development or other related disciplines will be a plus;
•    Fluency in the Portuguese language is mandatory and working knowledge of English.

General Professional experience and skills
•    Ten (10) years’ experience in water supply and sanitation sector institutional development;
•    Fifteen (15) years of general working experience, will be an asset
•    Strong technical background in Water Utilities Management.

Specific Professional experience
•    Specific experience in operation and management or institutional support to water utilities in developing countries;
•    Knowledge of commercial management of water utilities would be an advantage;
•    Experience in Africa would be an advantage.

Job description

The Water Utilities Management Specialist will deal with the Municipal and Provincial Water Supply and Sanitation Management Entities (MPWSSMEs) under support of DNA/MINEA. He/She will have to perform the following tasks in cooperation and coordination with the other DNA/MINEA staff:
a) Oversee, follow up and diagnosing the MPWSSMEs for operation and management;
b) Support the MPWSSMEs in fulfilling the targets set in the Agreements to be signed between the Entities and the National Government;
c) Organize meetings, prepare agenda and participate in any working group, committee or similar bodies involved in the Water Sector Projects or any other project related to the activities of DNA/MINEA and MPWSSME´s institutional, organizational and operationalization development;
d) When necessary, organize training, workshops and other knowledge activities at national and local levels to improve the uptake/usage of various technical assistance inputs from the MPWSSME or to transfer lessons from the others province/utility/entity;
e) Follow-up closely the Monitoring and Evaluation framework and achievement of MPWSSME´s performance indicators throughout the implementation of DNA/MINEA projects and according to the targets set in the Agreements;
f) Assist DNA/MINEA in preparing and updating Annual Action Plans;
g) Review MPWSSME´s reports and provide comments and guidance on the issues raised;
h) Support the DNA/MINEA in developing and implementing a Strategy and Action Plan to embed practices, tools, systems and knowledge gained from the project technical assistance to benefit all Water Entities/provinces under DNA/MINEA.

Location of the assignment

This expert will be based in Luanda (DNA premises) with several visits (estimated 2/month) to the Provinces.

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Duration of assignment

9 months of effective full-time