From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Coordination Unit of the European Union Program for Resilience and Socioeconomic Opportunities for Guinea-Bissau Ianda Guinea! Nô Lanta, Nô Pega

The Ianda Guinea! Program Coordination Unit ensures the organization of this Program, to create synergies and added value, its monitoring, in order to guarantee an integrated intervention, that promotes learning for future interventions; it will also carry out the communication of the referred Program in a participatory manner.

The Ianda Guinea! constitutes, in turn, a wide-ranging cooperation action by the European Union with Guinea-Bissau, with a multisectoral scope that aims to strengthen the resilience of the country's population, especially for women and young people in rural areas, and to increase their socio-economic opportunities.

The Program is implemented by several stakeholders and covers all regions of the country, encompassing sectors such as civil society, boosting the local economy, food and nutrition security, access to water, energy and sanitation services, the strengthening of the health system, in addition to other support infrastructures.

Implemented by CESO, the Ianda Guinea! Program Coordination Unit will promote the integration of the activities of the various Actions of the Program, from its planning to its implementation, monitoring and evaluation, as well as its global monitoring and the capitalization of experiences made and, finally, the sharing and communication of the acquired knowledge.




Rural Development

Duration of assignment

March 2019 / February 2024


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