From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Identification of Relevant Markets in the Sector of Telecommunications
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Telecommunications senior expert


Dominican Republic


Profile Required


  • Degree in Economics, Business Administration, International Trade or related. Postgraduate studies or masters in Economics, Economic Development, Econometrics, Macroeconomics, International Trade or other relevant discipline.

Professional Experience

  • At least 12 years in the telecommunications sector;
of the macroeconomic environment and the telecommunications market of the Dominican Republic or other similar characteristics in the Latin American region
in the evaluation of the competition conditions of the different markets that make up the telecommunications industry;
at least two (2) consultancies on related topics;
  • in America Latina will be highly valued;

  • knowledge regarding competition policies and market regulation relevant aspects of the telecommunications industry, with emphasis on the value chain of each market, as well as its geographic scope and concentration levels;
  • knowledge of the laws and regulations on competition applicable to the sector of Dominican telecommunications;
  • knowledge in the subjects of economy and regulation of the markets of telecommunications
  • Capacity to perform methodological works and price analysis, econometric, correlation, causality, estimation of elasticities and any type of relationships between variables.

  • Skillful handling of quantitative methods and statistical and econometric analysis;
  • in data collection, statistical analysis and reporting.
in formulating recommendations and public policies.

  • Fluency in Catalan.







Duration of assignment

150 working days