From Experience to Intelligence
From Experience to Intelligence

Preparation for Extended Decentralisation Implementation System and Cohesion Funds for the Ministry of Transport and the Institutions Under the Responsibility of the Ministry of Transport

The project considered the:

• Elaboration of a work programme setting up the detailed actions and timetables for each recommendation of GAR, and if necessary, proposing additional actions required for both the successful implementation of "Extended Decentralisation Implementation System" (EDIS) and CF;
• Development of methodology for risk detection and description of the risk management policy for the Ministry of Transport (MoT) as IB, which should be coherent with the Methodology for risk detection of the National Fund and "Central Finance & Contracts Unit" (CFCU);
• Establishment of procedures for each task in the scope of MoT activities;
• Elaboration of manuals describing working procedures, responsibilities and tasks for each job, information flow, replacement for the key personnel in the implementation of "Instrument for Structural Policies for Pre-Accession" (ISPA) projects under EDIS and of cohesion projects;
• Definition of a control plan and description of working procedures regarding the implementation of  ISPA under BDIS and cohesion projects internal control;
• Elaboration of check-lists for internal control and the ex-post control of individual stages;
• Detailing of the procedures for prevention of any irregularities and (appropriate actions to be taken for their detection and elimination;
• Conduction of extensive training of the relevant staff in preparing project applications, tendering, contracting, reporting, auditing, monitoring and communications.




Public Sector and Governance

Duration of assignment

June 2003 / December 2003


Ministry of Transport

Funded by

European Commission

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